In response to the numerous incidents on the northern section of the ATT in Durham, several cyclists have recently begun bike patrols for this section of the trail. So far this is a small group which has only been doing late afternoon rides a few days each week. If more volunteers join they hope to expand the program. To contact the organizers about possible participation please contact: debbie at
For more on this fine new initiative please read this recent article from the News & Observer
October 3 Update: Bike Patrol Delayed Amid October 1st Attack on The ATT It could be another four weeks before the American Tobacco Trail gets an official citizens bicycle patrol. Police Chief Jose L. Lopez says he does not expect to add an official citizens’ bicycle patrol until Oct. 29, or close to it, after encountering “unforeseen hurdles.” The “Trail Watch” will be part of the established Citizen Observer Patrol. Eight patrol members seemed interested but none had “any experience or training on bicycles,” he wrote in a memo.

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