Check our ATT Construction link below (and on the left sidebar under PHOTOS) to see recent shots showing construction progress. Asphalt has been laid on sections both South and North of Scott-King Road and in mid-December asphalt was laid in the new section north of Massey-Chapel Road. The trailhead parking area on Fayetteville Road was re-opened for public use at the end of February. By the end of March the six foot wide granite screenings portion south of Scott-King was seeing lots of use by runners and some equestrians and all of the green access gates and chain link fencing were complete from Massey-Chapel Road to the Chatham County line. The work to correct the height of the bridge supports on the north side of I-40 (by reducing it’s height by 2.5′) was completed in mid-April. The bridge arc was set in place across I-40 on April 27-28. Most recently, images of work on the short section along Massey-Chapel Road from August through November have been added.