A recent letter to the Durham News http://www.thedurhamnews.com/2013/11/22/3390528/your-letters-nov-24.html from Marvin Williams, the Director of the City’s Public Works Department, has pushed completion of the I-40 bridge to January 2014. These delays have pushed back TRTC’s planned effort to measure the entire ATT from the Durham Bulls Ball Park to the ATT’s terminus south of U.S. 64. We originally planned for the project to be done in August 2013 but have had to re-schedule it to late October, then to December and now to at least late January. These measurements will allow for a unitary north to south mileage scheme and for the future installation of uniform mileage signs by all three counties. Currently the mileage markers run from south to north in Wake and Chatham and from north to south in Durham. With the new scheme the Durham Ballpark will be mile 0.0 and marks will be made at quarter mile intervals.
The trail segment along Massey-Chapel Road has progressed nicely over the last month with asphalt paving on October 31st and safety fencing installed over the past two weeks.